Virabhadrasana I

Adho Mukha Svanasana


Upavista Konasana

          Hampshire Yoga Classes

                      Hampshire Yoga classes are now being held in our new studio at 161 Colrain Stage Rd., Heath.  email for more information.
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* 4/8 at 10:00 AM Workshop 1 4/29 at 10 AM Workshop 2
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Workshops are directed to the continuing/advanced student.


This course is intended for students with little or no experience in yoga, or who have been away from yoga for some time. The student will become familiar with the first 20 of our core asanas and the basic concepts and purpose of a yoga practice. Age, weight, stiffness, or minor injuries such as back or neck ache are not a restriction. Students have the option of registering for the eight class session or attending on a per-class (drop-in) basis.


This course is for students who have taken our beginner level course, and who have some knowledge of the first 20 core asanas. The instructor introduces the remaining 10 asanas of our core curriculum which the student will integrate into their practice at home. Emphasis is placed not only on the 30 core asanas, but the personal awareness to practice them safely and with confidence. The student is expected to commit to eight classes.


This course is open to all students who have taken the beginner/continuing level course, or who have an understanding of our 30 core asanas. Through the refinement of these asanas, the student is prepared for a pranayama practice. The student is expected to commit to the eight-class series.

Advanced Class

This level is designed to lead the student to a meditation practice through asana and pranayama with an understanding of the movement of prana. Registration with teacher's permission only.

Yoga & Ayurveda

This course is open to all levels and is designed for the student developing an individual yoga practice. Personality, body type, and life long habits effect how we approach our practice. Using ayurveda as a model, we will guide the student to use their individual qualities to enhance their practice, not battle with them. There are no classes this session.


These classes are open to all students who have a regular asana practice. We will study what preparations are necessary for a pranayama practice, what cautions must be observed, and introduce the student to the basic language of pranayama. The student is expected to make an eight class commitment to this course.  Pranayama I is restricted to supine pranayama, Pranayama II will investigate sitting pranayama.  There are no pranayama classes this session.

Private Classes

These classes are restricted to students who have health problems or similar restrictions which keep them from public class. Our director will determine if the student would benefit from such classes.


Register for classes at first class. Eight class series is $100.00, private classes are $25/class; drop-ins are $15/class, workshops are $35. Group classes are 90 minutes; private classes and pranayama are 60 minutes, workshops are 5 hours. Private classes are reserved for students with medical problems.   Arrangements must be made with our director.

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